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  1. My uncle loves it. He says it beats his old satellite service hands-down. ATT is really giving this away on the front-end to get subscribers. Their offering is very sweet in terms of money too.

  2. I’ve been a subscriber since May ’07. Better service, and value than Comcast digital.

    The set top boxes generally are easy to use. The DVR is quite easy. However, scrolling through the channel guide can be painful, as it will stop and then jump to catch up if you hold the scroll button for more than a few seconds.

    Overall, i’m happy.

  3. Om,

    I WANTED to like Uverse (had it for two months), but I just couldn’t stick with it, despite the greater number of HD channels offered.

    Number 1 on my hit list: the single simultaneous HD channel limitation (throughout the whole house). This should have been sorted out to at least two prior to launch — and when you think about it, given the pricing trends in HDTV and the use of DVR, at least 3 seems to my mind to be a minimum.

    Second: the interface was quite pretty, and had some nice features (like the fullscreen background of the existing channel while sorting through the semi-transparent guide), but the actual day-to-day use of getting around it was ponderous (too many button pushes and clicks to get to where you were going, and it seemed like all the meta content was being slowly trickled down over the network connection at a snail’s pace.

    In the end, I couldn’t live with my screen going black and popping up a “HDTV in use elsewhere in the house” when I was watching one HD program and the DVR decided to record another.

    Likes: picture quality was great, and the greater number of available HD channels relative to my cable operator was nice — but not nice enough to live with the single (or even a potential future two channel) HDTV limit.

  4. UBS Research estimates that with still 25 days to go in the quarter, AT&T could end the latest three-month period with some 130,000 to 140,000 subscribers. The fourth quarter is expected to be equally impressive

    Impressive, unless you consider they forecasted way more than that.

  5. When video moves to the home in terms of social networking (proportionately more then now)and HD inevitably plays its ace bandwidth will matter. I cant help but think FiOS is primed for the future.

  6. I had U-Verse for almost 2 whole weeks before I gave up on it and went back with my old cable company. Not only is U-Verse cumbersome (sometimes it takes the screen many seconds to catch up to the remote commands) the system actually froze up some several times. In each instance I used the reset button resulting in a 10 minute re-boot. Also, contrary to what the sales folks told me, you can’t watch 2 HD shows on different TV’s at the same time. All the little things added up to equal aggravation.

  7. We just ordered it to replace our Time Warner Cable. We were paying around $150 and getting 90 channels and 6mbps downstream internet.

    With Uverse, we get a dvr and a wireless gateway (not included with time warner), and 190 channels, all for $89 a month. It really is a much better deal. Same internet speed, 6 mbps. No brainer; I might update later when I have used it for a while

  8. Uverse dropped the West coast programming in the central time zone this past week (October 15, 2007) this takes out 24 channels. They did not provide any advance warning that I know of. I’m sure the fine print covers this point. The current prgramming listing that I got in the mail the day after the channels went off the air still shows these channels on the U200 list. I watched the west coast channels to see my favorite shows at a more convenient time, especially when shows I did not like were on. I am still waiting for the ability to record on my other recievers like the sales guys said was comming soon, they said there was a chip that would be available to accomplish this. My old provider had two DVR’s instead of just one.

  9. Im in a suburb of Chicago and just had u-verse installed in my home. It just became available in my area about a week or two ago. I have a few comments and always have trouble keeping it short. I have had the service for only a couple days now. I have the u200 and the 3MB internet. Im no expert on this system and have much to learn so forgive me if some of my terminology is incorrect. I have the DVR and HD service with the tv package. Having this such a short time I havent really used it a lot yet but can tell you what I have found out to this point. Before I get into the details I will say I do like the service so far and hope to get the bugs worked out. That will determine if I keep the service or not.
    First is the pricing. I had comcast for my internet and cable tv in 2 rooms with no hd and no dvr. That cost me about $107 a month. I also had directv set up in 2 rooms again no hd and no dvr, which cost me $56 a month. So I was at $163 a month with no hd and no dvr in 4 rooms plus hi speed internet. I was sold a package of u200 tv in 4 rooms and internet 3MB for $84 a month. Then the e-mail confirmation came showing my bill would be $104 per month. After another call to another sales person about this I did receive a couple credits lowering my bill to the actual $84 I was originally quoted. Ill be at $84 for 6 months, then $94 for 6 months, then back to the original $104 after both credits expire in one year. (I did call and added a 5th tv to the package before installation, so that will add another $5 to those prices.) Still a bargain considering what I was wasting before on comcast and directv together. Plus the cash incentives sold me on switching. I did research this u-verse a little and was very interested anyway.
    Next was the installation nightmare. I was told to expect 5-8 hours for the install. The actual install was a painful 9.5 hours. And it was far from complete. The installer couldnt get the HD signal to either of my HD tv sets. He told me that the HDMI cable wouldnt work on either HDTV. He did try and couldnt get the tvs programmed with hdmi cable. So he hooked them up with coax cable which does not carry the hd signal to the tv. He advised me to go buy a couple sets of component cables and put those in to receive the HD signal. He also didnt hook up any of the components he disconnected while hooking up my tvs. He said they were probably not compatible with the u-verse or I didnt have enough cables. Im not sure why the install took so long as he used almost all the existing coax cables in my home for the install. He replaced only one cable when I told him it was a very old cable and asked if it was ok to use. With the two previous providers having cable entrances at 4 different points on my home, I even showed him where all the cables came in and where each one went, saving him at least a couple hours trying to figure that out. If he had replaced all the wiring as Im beginning to suspect he should have, it probably would have taken him another full day. I did call AT&T and explained I had no HD signal to my tvs yet and none of my components were hooked back up as before and they did send out another technician to complete this install. Before the second technician ever arrived I did manage to get the HD signal to one tv myself using the HDMI cable. I didnt have a second cable or I would have done the second tv also. The second technician came with another HDMI cable and got the second hdtv working. Although there is only one hd stream at least both tvs are now getting the stream. Niether tech was able to program my new hdtvs to the u-verse remote. They were able to program the other tvs to the remotes. The second tech was here probably about 3 hours. Before he left we noticed one tv was freezing up or locking up. He did some testing and found my u-verse system didnt pass some of the tests. He said I had packet loss or something to that effect. He checked the connections to see if they were tight. He couldnt find the problem and said I should call if I continue to have problems. He did say the first tech probably should not have used the existing coax as a HR feed to the main att power/service box. He said that probably should have been done with cat 5 cable instead. I also thought I read somewhere online that the install should be all cat 5? Anyway my install is almost entirely old existing coax which Im pretty sure he never tested as I stayed with the installer the whole time he was in my home. Last night all the tvs and the internet in my home froze up. We rebooted the system and it worked again. I think those failed tests are gonna cause us some problems as they already have. Not too often I hope, but I will be calling them for service if it continues.
    Next is the internet. It seems about the same as what I had with comcast. I was told though that both computers I have set up share the bandwidth and this may sometimes slow them down. The second computer was set up wireless which was nice. But it wont stay online which is another problem in this system. The tech changed the channel for us but we still cant stay online with it. So Im lucky I didnt yet take out the network wire I had installed before as we still need that for the second computer to work. The att yahoo online setup aggravates me a bit as Im constantly having to sign in again. Trying to set up a sub account was terrible and took me half an hour and then I found when I finally got it set up, there were actually two set up. I was having a lot of trouble trying to set it up so I kept trying only to discover it set up twice. Minor aggravation I guess. The free Norton virus protection was a nice plus and badly needed.
    I like the price, channel options are decent, HD picture looks nice, but I never had HD before and actually just bought both HDTV receivers. I like having the DVR although I only recorded a few minutes and am not yet too familiar with it. Never having DVR before its something new I will have to learn, but Im glad to finally have it. I dont like the limitations of this system. You can only watch HD on one tv due to the one HD stream. And having 5 tvs connected is a problem as you only have 4 streams total I guess. The 5th tv being on gives you a message that all tv services are in use or busy or something to that effect. You can interupt another tv in order to change channels. I dont see it as a huge problem as we probably wont need all 5 tvs at once most of the time. I did read that they were adding more streams and it should be done by August which would be nice. Having the HD signal working on two or three tvs at the same time would be nice. I believe they will be adding a second HD stream by August with more to come later? Not having to sign a contract was a big plus. I had the other services in my home for many years and will probably keep this just as long if the bugs can be worked out. The tvs worked all day today without a problem I think.(I was gone for several hours). One last thing about the HD and the ratios. With HD being something new in my house I noticed something I dont like with the ratios. I set up the tv to the 1080 ratio for the HD. When I watch the normal channels that arent HD, besides not being that great of a picture on an HD set, the ratio setting now puts a black box outside the non hd channels. I guess I could change the ratio setting each time I switch from HD to non HD but that seems like a lot of trouble. So on the HD tvs, the HD channels look great and the other channels that arent HD, the picture not so great but ok. On my older tvs that arent HD, the picture quality is much better than ever before. I will try to update this at a later date with any new developments or experiences with this system.

  10. I have U-Verse,for more then two months!!
    With all the problems that I have,I would not recomend it to anybody!
    Enlarged picture-can’t watch subyitled movies.SOUND,allmost every chanel needs separate volume adjustement when You change.BILLING:Getting double billing for some srvices,that are suposed to be includet in one BUNDLE
    I have spent at least 20 hours on the phone with sevice reps.and ALL fornamed problems are still there.What To DO??

  11. I have had Uverse for about 6 months. From the home of the Colts it was the best move I ever made. The setup was a disaster the first tech had no clue. Called and finally got a second tech who said the first guy basically just didnt want to do it. Once it was setup it is a beauty. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to save money and have a better tv/internet service. I have the U200 and the Pro internet I believe. Props to AT&T for an awesome service.

  12. I am a u-verse tech, if you have not had problems with the service is because your tech did the install the correct way.

  13. I have been a U-verse subscriber in the San Francisco bay area since November of 07′. I will preface by saying that I’m the type who will place a phone call on someone’s behalf if I feel that they have delivered exceptional service. However, based upon my experience with AT&T thus far, ‘kudos’ calls will be the least of my concerns. I can honestly say that I have had more exhausting and frustrating issues with both the service and the customer service than anyone should reasonably be expected to deal with; The original sales rep placing the order incorrectly without applying HD service to my order (for my 62″ HDTV!) and it took three days to get HD running. Numberous outages for a variety of reason which are seldom well-explained, incompetence & lethargy in customer service, a grotesque lack of accountability whereby the person responsible for the issue in need of resolution is never the one on the phone with you! How about having a technician come to your home and, while resolving a simple issue, create another issue that is beyond his/her level of expertise! Functionality? My Comcast service delivered 4-HD channels along with the other digital channels. U-verse delivers 1-HD channel (though more are ‘right around the corner!’) As an avid sports watcher, I really miss the ‘slow motion’ button on my Comcast remote. There is no such function with U-verse. The channel directory can be more complex than the scematic for the Tokyo subway system and channel listings can change without notification. At some point during every phone call with U-verse customer service, someone invariably states, “We do value you as a customer and thank you for using AT&T U-verse.” However, with few exceptions, U-verse service and it’s support network are little more than hotbeds for frustration at this point. AT&T has had SEVERAL chances to “turn my around” over several months. Instead, they regularly find new ways to add frustration to an already aggravating situation. The technology simply does not appear ready to deliver on the promises of the advertizing. I have every intention of switching back to Comcast at this point. I’m not fond of actually sitting down and writing compliants so please consider that it took a lot to get me to this keyboard for this reason.

  14. I have Uverse and it freezes up and hangs up all the time. It also ‘drops’ or deletes recorded programs at will. When the tv hangs, the internet hangs. Can’t tell you how many movies I’ve watched only to have the endding hang and miss it!

  15. I’ve had Uverse for only a couple of weeks. Tonight the DVR hung near the end of a recorded movie. My family and I were watching a cute movie and both my kids were hanging on the edge of their seats anticipating the climactic scene. As I was fast forwarding through what was probably the last set of commercials in the movie, IT HANGS!!!

    Frustrating because, yeah, its not the first time! We had the same problem a couple of nights ago and after three calls (six if you count the dropped calls) to tech support a tech was dispatched and the DVR replaced. During the first two calls the DVR would come back up after rebooting. One the third the DVR displayed a red X with two dots below it. Apparently this is the reason the tech said it needed to be replaced.

    But, tonight the new DVR has done the same thing. My kids are heading to bed without seeing the end of the movie and I’m frustrated enough to start posting the story on the internet.

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