37 thoughts on “Yahoo Exec Exits For Automattic CEO Gig”

  1. I’m psyched for Toni, Matt and Phil – truly a pairing of my favorite people. Three incredibly talented people getting together.

    Toni was CEO of Oddpost, an investment I lead in 2004. Through Oddpost, I had a chance to get to know Toni better and form a strong professional and personal relationship. Joining with Automattic and True Ventures is a great move for all involved – congrats!!!

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  3. Akismet is a blog comment spamfiltering service, provided by the the Automattic, the company founded by WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg (together with some other core WordPress developers).
    Yes and they keep everyone happy!

  4. Man, I would love to work for Automattic. It’s actually a secret desire of mine. I’m just not that much of a code monkey to really make a difference. Mad kudos to Toni, though.

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