3 thoughts on “"Back to the Mac" Event Live Coverage”

  1. IcyFog: He said “one in 5,” or a ~20% market share. Some of us grizzled old-timers remember when we were barely hanging on to 3%. So we’ve gone from BMW to Mazda; not bad for us shareholders, or us developers. More people developing more software means more and (hopefully) better choices for customers. And being #110 on the Fortune 500 for Mac, Inc., sounds about right. For all the growth in the US, what’s happening outside the US, particularly in previous “Microsoft shops” like Singapore and Korea, has to be seen to be believed. People want quality, stability and security: well over 90% of Windows PCs in Singapore have been compromised; the entire country is on several of the major DNS blacklists… having a system that is more respectful of and usable by the customer is an exhilarating experience here.

    My one concern, and I still don’t have a clear picture on this, is if Lion’s App Store is going to be a supplemental alternative to, or a replacement for, the existing Mac software industry. I support folks who are new to Macs but have had iPhones for a couple of years, and I can see people like them loving the concept. But as a developer and a shareholder, again, I’m worried that people who don’t want to sell through the App Store are going to be limited to “jailbroken” or pre-Lion Macs for customers. That’s probably about the best way I can think of to stop this phenomenal growth that Mac has had in the last decade in a quarter or two.

    Please, Steve, tell us you’re not so much into control that you’re willing to kill one of the best features about a Mac… along with all those developers you were crowing about.

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