3 thoughts on “Bandwidth Startup’s Big Plans Hit By Credit Crunch”

  1. NLR is going to need hundreds of millions of greenbacks to get remotely competitive and offering 80Gps – these guys are dreaming!

    EMC is a hard company to replace and they have most of the studio’s and high bandwidth users already signed up or in their sights – and a lot of money in the bank.

    Ex CEO from Caterpillar – like he has a lot of Hollywood connections – right! Plow that by me again!

    I predict they will not meet their start up / launch date of Jan 31st 2009.


  2. @Soapers,

    Those are precisely my concerns about the company and their attempts to become relevant in the future. In many ways the Cisco gear is like a millstone around their neck.

    I think the ex CEO from Caterpillar can help them with well oil exploration companies or construction companies etc., because even those companies would need bandwidth. I think if you followed some of the trends in cad/cam space, the sizes of files being swapped between various parties are increasing exponentially and that is a big opportunity.

    But as you said, there are some really dark clouds over darkstrand.

  3. they also need to offer some differentiation to commercial wholesale providers and most importantly physical diversity. 80 gbps commercial service would do it from innovation perspective. However a conventional 10g service is a commodity product in a capital intensive industry.

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