5 thoughts on “Bangalore connectivity blues”

  1. Om,

    Dialup is the default, but broadband prices are falling – both DSL and cable broadband is available. Why the Oberoi does not have broadband is a mystery.

    Also what’s the connection (no pun intended) between GPRS and broadband? Singapore, where I’m based, has almost 40% broadband penetration – but GPRS data is a fringe business.

  2. The Oberoi does have broadband….kinda. It’s a wireless set-up that doesn’t always authenticate properly (the front desk must turn the room on, and the user has to enter a long randomly generated password), with poor signal strength.

  3. I just moved back to B’lore. What are my choices for b’band access from home? What’s the recommended solution?


  4. I am kinda used to broadband here in USA and now its my turn to go back to Bangalore…I am wondering that will I have good options there.

    In states, we have Comcast and other players in the same market which make our life easier…

    But do we have good options in Bangalore?

  5. I just returned from Bangalore after a quick trip. Broadband connectivity is pathetic in most parts of Bangalore. Though every provider claims DSL and Cable modem provide “’00s Kbps” speeds, in reality it is no better than dial-up. If you are going back from the USA, WAIT! (for the webpages to appear).

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