4 thoughts on “Battling for Mobile iTunes”

  1. I agree totally. I too want to announce that I will switch to whichever carrier allows me to use iTunes Music Store songs on my phone. Which one will you be?

    Cellular carriers are afraid of becoming like cable/dsl/satellite carriers, being pushed out of to the content revenue stream and being pushed to offer cheaper fixed rate 24/7 plans. Can you imagine if Comcast was able to get a cut of iTunes sales?

  2. On another tangent of Walled Garden. The inability of carriers to create a walled garden in Internet-land is the reason they have been dragging their feet. They need more revenue from the big new higher-speed last mile network they need to build. Revenue from applications (like iTunes in previous post), network delivery, and appliances would be great. Unfortunatley for them they do not have the resources to invest in all 3 layers of the service or to control these applications via a walled garden. The Yahoos, Googles, E-Bays, Amazons, iTunes, and soon to come download video services will continue to define the internet applications and consumer electronics industry will dominate the applicances. Carriers can try to to impede this (and edge router vendors are happy to help them and all the 3-Play models have loads of walled garden attempt features) but the only carrier walled garden play in Internet-land is via lawyers and regulation.

  3. more than the resources i think its the mind set which is key and important. the carriers being carriers cannot and will not be able to develop services they think they can. they simply think too much like phone companies unfortunately. that my friend is the reason they are going after the walled garden approach to everything

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