Beam it like Beckham

8 thoughts on “Beam it like Beckham”

  1. I wonder how the marketing department weighed up the pros and cons of Beckham.

    Pro – very big on design and looks.

    Cons – not particularly smart, nor reliable (his penalty kick).

    Endorsements don’t always work.

    We’re currently considering signing on someone from Trinidada and Tobago. It will be cheaper (we don’t have 32m) and it’s real grass roots (thanks Scobie).


  2. The Red Phone looks HOT, too bad it’s only in the UK.
    I don’t get how England struggled to get by T/T. I mean, they won 2-0 and, in the world of soccer, that’s a pretty decisive victory.

  3. Yep, England struggled to get past Trinidad and Tobago; a country with one millions plus people. Go Soca Warriors!

    • most of the T&T team play in europe/UK; they played an excellent defensive game tactically and England are still struggling to get the ball in the net.

    The world cup, despite being a world competition, is comprised of professionals who play in the cream of the world’s teams in the premiership, Bundesleague etc, so size of country they’re representing can be misleading.

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