4 thoughts on “Bedouins Are Everywhere”

  1. Wow!! How come I am one year late to this? Exactly right. I work from home, camel parked in the garden (which is why the date palm leaves are always nibbled to stumps) and the oasis handy when ice-cold, fresh water to required during the day. I’ve been like this for most my working life, actually (I started in the mid-70s) and couldn’t be happier.

    A suggestion for all bedouin — makeat least an occasional foray / raid out to a team building program, because although we work alone physically we need a team of others around us. And a strong one at that. Bedouin are often contented loners, and need a team building shot-in-the-arm occasionally to help them mix and work with others albeit from a distance. IMHO

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