2 thoughts on “Bernie Ebbers, Liar until proven..”

  1. I read that WSJ article and was dumbfounded by Ebbers’ admission that ‘I know what I don’t know.. I don’t know technology, I don’t know finance and I don’t know accounting’. Firstly, how, then , was he qualified to remain the CEO of such a large technology company, and secondly, since when is ignorance a valid excuse? I just can’t believe the gall this man has to go to the witness stand and say that he’s just a country bumpkin who used to coach high school basketball teams, and expect to get away with it!! Incredible..

  2. I agree with lars johanssen. Ebbers is a piece of shit. I hope I get an opportunity to fuck that whore the way he fucked my family. BURN IN HELL BERNIE!!!

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