4 thoughts on “Between Web & Desktop, Bubbles”

  1. I’s amazing how this thing becomes a part of your everyday WEB experience.

    I’ve been using Bubbles for some months now, and it gets under your skin very quickly.

    About what Saul wrote about adoption, I think that application like Bubbles does not come to educate the user how to use the Web, but to solve an accessibility & user experience problems that exist in the modern Web (web apps, browsers etc).

    Remains to be seen how the things will evolve, but as for now it’s damn convenient to use these Bubbles.

  2. It’s just great that applications are flourishing in this direction, becuase users are benefiting from new, cool and practical thing.

    I’ve tried both Bubbles and Netjaxer, and the new developers page on the bubbles site has some pretty cool features.

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