4 thoughts on “Big Apple – the new Big Data Central?”

  1. this is definitely happening, Om. And see Chartbeat, and Sociocast both in Manhattan and both Big Data start ups, who are doing well. Madison Ave needs access to the data, to market, ads, etc., so it’s kind of cool to see the big data companies doing good work here.

  2. Om, this sentence fragment seems grammatically awkward when I read it:

    > Hilary Mason, who is the chief scientist at Bit.ly told me that in “New York we
    > are more interested in telling stories” from of data as opposed to how “big” the
    > data is, …

    What does “from of data” mean?

    This is a nice article and makes sense given NYC’s historical roots with finance (and quants). What I find interesting is that the quants in NYC don’t seem to be as extrovert in terms of expressing their insecurities, compared to some companies in Silicon Valley that seem to go out of their way to talk about who their VCs are, who their angel investors are, etc.

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