2 thoughts on “Big Brother of Big Redmond?”

  1. That quote from news.com isn’t exactly accurate. Gates happend to be reffering to the “Dr. Watson” debugger already in Windows, when an app or driver crashes and you get thoes funky windows asking if you want to send the info to Microsoft.

    He was making the analogy of that being likened to the onboard flight recorder of a plane. And how they are using the mass data being collected to work on bugs and problems in Windows to find out where people are having problems and what they can do to reduce the problems.

    Does the press ever get the story right anymore? I am starting to really wonder.

  2. In the vein of “Why don’t they just make the whole plane out of the black box…” why don’t they just spend more time making software that doesn’t crash instead of making software to watch their other software as it keeps crashing?

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