3 thoughts on “Bill Gates on the future of computing”

  1. Can this be forwarded to Bill Gates? Seeing handwriting in the future? Whose ideas? Ask. Bill, my name is Dr Kevin Maloney. The handwriting ideas came from me. Talk to Saunders G and Brandon D of the OneNote team who used my ideas (slate with pen attached, inking etc, hardware,, touchscreen technology ..,.). I and my staff were told OneNote Was defective and loses files after I worked on this program exhaustively along with my office staff. The OnreNote team lied to us saying it was defective (I assume lied to as OneNote is still being sold). We were repedily told that OneNote is so dangerous for us to use that it corrupt our windows folder system.
    Would be happy to share the correspondence we have regarding same (emails we have saved from those listed above as well as Bill Crounse (Microsoft medical)
    K Maloney (those listed have all my info.
    Bill, has the product always worked or is it defective and can corrupt your computer as Microsoft employees state to us?.

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