10 thoughts on “In conversation with Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital [Video]”

  1. I’m really inspired by Bill. I cam across this from Fred Willson’s blog and watched all six videos a couple of times over. Mark Muster wrote a great blog post the other day about entrepreneurs not thinking enough and reading his post and watching these have made me realise I need to put the brakes on little and step back for a second. Thank you!

  2. Om,

    Awesome insights!

    I’m also a big fan of This Week in Startups (by Jason Calacanis), and they provide ITunes downloads. Is there something similar available for these interviews?

  3. This are great snippets. They codify things you think, hear, and assert, but nervier seem to get quite as clear as Bill lays them out. A clinic! Well done and thanks for the video textbook. Will look forward to the complete interview.

  4. Seems very interesting, but Flash videos are (also) no-go on Android tablets. Suggestion: Make every video available in HTML5. It’s a really simple task.

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