5 thoughts on “What I Think About the Bing Outage”

  1. That’s exactly it. A tree fell in the forest. Who cares?

    Bing might be number two by some numbers, but most users are simply forced by the default IE settings to use Bing. Google on the other hand has to pretty much fight for every user (OK, may be not anymore with default FF settings). It’s the IE’s market share which automatically catapulted Bing to #2 spot. Competition is good and Google off late has been more active in improving their search, but I doubt Bing would have a lasting impact. It’s an also run and no one cares about also runs.

  2. What’s missing at Microsoft is the ability to think in complex terms or systems. In other words they don’t get it that they have to beat Google at [all at the same time, not sequential]:
    Relevance in search returns (mostly equal)
    Speed and reliability (Google leads)
    Search flow/sequence, narrowing of results (Microsoft leads in some areas)

    For example one could write a better search engine which provides better results but is slower. Even if the overall results will be delivered in the same time frame. Users will prefer to work with a faster engine, it’s like taking the side roads when the main highway is clogged. Even if you would arrive at the same time, it feels better having driven all the time then sometimes idle and wait.

    The other question is when do they learn to isolate configuration changes?

    If nobody heard the tree fall, why would they have lost $100M in advertising at that moment? My guess is if you’re outside any echo chamber, you could hear it fall. Or people immediately started driving of their main road.

    But I agree, big mistake.

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