4 thoughts on “Bit Torrent: Resistance is futile”

  1. What if Apple made a device that only worked when downloading their web site’s format in a BitTorrent style. Perhaps a CELL processor could enable that ability with a vengence. An online video store might work in a typical download fashion at a higher price while it operates faster and cheaper using their hardware.

  2. It seems like Bittorrent should be unstoppable but the content owners appear to have no problem shutting down torrent search/hosting sites. It’s still much too difficult to find TV show torrents.

  3. BT should be baked into browsers… based on filesize and bandwidth it could just switch to using BT to download large files. The file would also upload for some period of time once the download completes. Make it seamless and invisible to the user.

    Great place for TV torrents:

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