13 thoughts on “BitTorrent now Trackerless”

  1. While the “official” BT client now includes the ability for a torrent to be trackerless Azureus beat Bram to the punch with their latest version of their engine, which was released a couple weeks ago.

  2. Scott,

    good point. man i somehow blacked out on that one. thanks for the pointer, and if possible send me an alert if you see anything cool in the torrent space

  3. “The torrent tracking tasks instead of the server, are now off loaded to the client. ”

    “Many times downloads can kill you with high bandwidth bills.”

    I got the message, but it also made my brain explode trying to read it. A little editing wouldn’t hurt.

  4. These guys are scary smart. How is Vonage getting $200M and not BitTorrent? One day soon, people are going to wake up and realized the world they (and their lawyers) worked so hard to protect disappeared while they slept. The sad thing is that they don’t realize they are asleep (at the wheel of giant companies with millions of people — investors and employees — effected by their decisions or lack there of).

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