7 thoughts on “BlackBerry Gets Sling Player, More Video”

  1. Fact – there are currently no CDMA RIM devices with WiFi and thus the Storm, with its wonderful display, cannot take advantage of this offering nor the upcoming TV offering. Apparently the new 9630 (a smaller yet equally excellent display) that is coming to Verizon in a few months will not have WiFi either. Many have blamed this on Verizon but you have to wonder why the trend continues (I doubt Sprint’s version will change this trend as they have no weight to throw around!). It would seem that both RIM and the CDMA carriers would want to offer WiFi on this type of device in today’s market – and with RIM trying to expand its market to the “media” consumer.

    1. CDMA curves can now stream 3G with the slingplayer mobile. But, you need the OS released by sprint. Verizon phones can also install it too though. After you install the OS, go to this link on your phone and download slingplayer mobile http://download.slingmedia.com/player/mobile/bbbeta503/US/SlingPlayer_def_EN_US.jad

      Install with the radio turned off. In slingplayer mobile settings change connectino method to mobile, and turn off “Show Roaming Status”. I have been using this on my verizon 8330 curve and enjoying it this past week.

  2. Om,
    Thanks for the clear description of what the new sling could actually be used on. This is why I have your feed on my iGoogle as the first thing I read! Always useful information.

  3. Om,
    SPM can stream over the carrier network. I use it on the Bold over 3G with AT&T all the time. Works great and looks awesome!

  4. It’s not officially supported, but the new version of slingplayer works fine on the Storm. At least it does on mine…

    1. Really? I got a storm just for that and was bummed to find out I couldn’t use it for that….there’s a few new versions…do you know which one?

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