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  1. I would advise you should try also upcoming Nokia E72. I have been patiently waiting (has turned into a perennial one though). Expectantly, it’s estimated to be released around mid october. The specs look awesome. Let’s hope the phone lives up to the hype. 😀

  2. I am sorry that you have had such negative experiences. I have owned 3 BB products since 2005: the 7105t, the 8700c, and now the 8900. Blackberries have always been rock solid devices for me. My 8900 has a trackball with none of the issues that you’ve experienced.

  3. I saw recently on Engadget and elsewhere that there was a known issue with the trackball on first run Blackberry Tours, and that the problem had already been fixed. Verizon even said that the Tour has had one of the lowest return rates since they fixed the issue.

    1. We have several BlackBerry Tours in our company and did have one minor trackball issue but that was due to something being lodged in the trackball area. Other than that this is a rock solid phone with one of the nicest screens on the market (480×360).

      The analyst that reported the 50% return rate commented directly our our site when we implied that he must be a “glue sniffer”. Take a look at: http://www.mobimadness.com/analyst-who-wrote-tour-50-returned-must-be-glue-sniffer/

      I personally have owned not less than 10 BlackBerry smartphones and the only one that disappointed me was the Storm (R.I.P.)

  4. well, i’m on sprint and did the same thing – got it, raved about it, now can’t even scroll left or right and a little clock pops up when it’s extra laggy…i finally went to the store, told them that it sucks, they’ve ordered a replacement unit and – knock on wood – people in the forums are stating that the replacements solve the hardware woes, and the .53 sw update fixes much of the lag…anxious to see this myself, because as we all know, switching blackberries is a chore, particularly emailing devs for purchased apps to let them know about the new PIN id and all of that crap…

    out of curiosity, how long was yours good before going bad? i figure mine was feeling good for a few weeks, then got laggy, then trackball went off a cliff…

  5. I had an early Tour that had the left-right trackball problem. I sent it back and the new one has been working without incident.

    If it is within 30 days, they’ll give you a new one in the store. After 30 days they’ll Fed-Ex a new one.

  6. @dude – for such a sucky co. their share price sure has been favourable to me over the long term. One lemon and they’re ready for the scrap heap?? funny

  7. Every firm has strengths and weaknesses. I believe RIM’s far better at product design than software development. I’m dating myself, but BlackBerry OS, once past the top level UI reminds me of the Net BEFORE Netscape, i.e., lines and lines of text. It’s confusing and highly unfriendly.

    Granted, RIM is experiencing a surge in growth, both due to the Rise of Smartphones (sounds like a rejected Terminator sequel plot) and the blossoming of BlackBerry as a consumer brand 12 months ago.

    There is a great deal of cachet in the BB brand, but I am not a fan of RIM.

  8. Owned an AT & T BB Curve-no wifi, no 3G, as a phone it sucked-no good. Got an iPhone 2 months ago-love it and never looked back. I passed the Curve along to my teenaged son-he hates it. He’s tired of it turning on in class and getting him in trouble, and as a phone it’s terrible. I tried to warn him. He can’t wait until his plan resets in October so he can get an iPhone like the rest of the family. Sorry RIM- your stuff is really starting to look sub-par and the Tour just reinforces that view. Nothing to see here, move along…

  9. This site has lost any semblance of objectivity. I wish you luck in your speedy demise as a blogger and company of sorts. (Like anyway would pay for your premium content).

  10. Om,

    My advice , press the 300 pound track ball and torture it a bit.
    The thing will start working.
    My friend had similar issue.We went to replace it in the ATT store.
    They wouldn’t take it back but were sending a new one with a return kit from their customer service.

    My buddy was frustrated and pressed it forcefully. The thing became loose and started working back.

    Try it , it works.

  11. I have a Tour, and the battery life, trackball and browser aren’t terrific, but otherwise it’s a fine phone. The browser is being addressed as they recently purchased that company that has a webkit browser and future Blackberries will have an optical track pad. It’s all fixed or will be fixed. At least you can replace the battery in a Blackberry.

  12. Ever notice that the two suckiest BlackBerry devices in recent memory are both CDMA devices? (Storm and Tour)? Why didn’t they just change radios in the Curve 8900 and call it a day? I’m sure that Verizon and Sprint were pushing for something “new” so they wouldn’t just be 6 months behind AT&T and T-Mobile’s devices.

    I’ve had my Curve 8900 since launch on T-Mobile and it’s been great. My trackball will stick one in a while… but, then again, so did the ball on my Pearl I had for two years. I could probably fix it by not putting it in my pocket….

  13. I am one of the early Tour adopters. I switched from AT&T to Verizon for better coverage and a single handset that works in US and EMEA.

    I do experience the horizontal scrolling problem – often I close the app and return later on.
    Frustrating for sure.

    VZW coverage is much superior in Bay area – not great in MA.

    Is there any mention from Verizon/BB about exchanges?


  14. You and the analysts are WAY off when it comes to the trackball issues. You need to check your figures BEFORE posting such junk. While the Tour has its issues, 50% or higher return rates because of the trackball is NOT one of them. Get it right or your credibility with end users will be nil.

    As for not recommending Blackberry to anyone, that’s absolutely stupid and very shortsighted based on your two month experience with ONE model phone. How can anyone trust YOU if you’re gonna post such trivel without knowing what you’re talking about. Test the entire product line for a year or so, then post your opinion. Until then, you’re an amateur quoting idiots — and you look foolish.

  15. There were some early trackball issues, but overall this has turned out to be an amazing phone!

    #Swappable/expandable memory.
    #Swappable SIM card for use with overseas carriers.
    #Media player along with all popular apps like Pandora, Slacker, Shazam, OpenTable

    I don’t see what’s not to like! In terms of functionality, the Tour the iPhone every time. The iPhone is revolutionary, but is still a closed (Apple) black box that cannot be used anywhere out of the Apple/ATT circles.

    I had some initial trackball issues as well, but a quick trip to the Sprint store and a replacement fixed this!

  16. Ever consider just getting an exchange instead of being frustrated. I did and the trackball works fine. I also do a reasonably heavy day of use and still have battery left.

  17. Om,
    your passion for all things high tech; especially mobile devices; is what draws so many of us to GigaOm. I recall when you passionately wrote off the iPhone few months back, based on your ill experiences with that service. In fact your peer at TechCrunch also followed thru with a similar action, shortly thereafter.

    However, given the influence your word carries, I believe you and your peers could adopt a more balanced approach to critiquing products and services. Frankly, the current approach of cutting off products at their knees comes across as being rather impulsive and emotional, almost to the point of being personal; rather than being objective. Specifically, we all know how sturdy and reliable blackberry products have been (relative to their peers). While its true you and many others have experienced significant issues with the Tour device, in all probability this is an exception than the norm for Blackberry products. Also, we all know that design/manufacturing issues are inevitable with increasingly complex products like smartphones. The real question is how a product or service provider addresses such issues as and when they occur, and to that extent, your experience represents an opportunity for Blackberry/Verizon to grow. Perhaps with a balanced approach, you could initiate a dialogue with providers like Apple & Blackberry, steering them towards delivering effective resolutions to such issues. Finally, a balanced approach will safeguard you from taking the extreme position of divorcing a product (like the iPhone) and having some of your readers follow you; only to later retract or revisit that step.

    I firmly believe a balanced approach will help further strengthen your bond of credibility with readers like myself, and will also more positively influence actions by leaders (aka 1000 pound gorillas) like Blackberry, Apple, etc; all for the benefit of consumers at large! (fyi, I don’t own any stock in Apple, RIM, Verizon, AT&T, Motorola, or Google. Also, I don’t use the iPhone or Blackberry devices currently, since they are too expensive for my budget as an unemployed professional ;).

    I know my feedback will not be easy (or even possible) for you to accept, but I believe as a GigaOm fan, its my responsibility to share the same with you. Keep up your great work & tare care,

    1. +1 Seriously? You are going to toast an entire company because you got some sand in the trackball and couldn’t figure out how to fix it? Lame.

    1. I held out for 48 hours, but now I’ve looked at, and played with, the Tours that VZW here locally is handing out and they’re definitely MUCH better. No trackball problem, no bluetooth or low audio problems…they seem much better. I may go back and try one again since there just isn’t any other BB option with VZW, unless you count the upcoming Storm 2, which has a lot of negative press already. Or, I may hold out and try the 8530, only because it has WiFi.

  18. My BB Tour is a fantastic replacement for the Palm Treo 755p I purchased exactly two years ago. The Treo worked fine for the first year but developed keyboard issues and considerable lag issues after that.

    Apart from some transitional issues moving data from the Treo over to the Tour (via a Macintosh), this Telus Mobility device works awesomely for me. Had some battery issues during the first few days but killed some apps that seemed to drain the power supply. Despite considerable amounts of daily texting and email, I usually end up with 65% power remaining at the end of my 18 hour days.

    Yes, it’s a CDMA device but it worked very well in Europe two weeks ago. As much as I wanted an iPhone, I also needed a real keyboard and this BlackBerry rocks! Looking forward to the Desktop Manager for Mac OS X!

  19. I have been using a Tour and I haven’t experienced any issues with it. The new BB is great. So far I haven’t had any issues with my Tour.

  20. 50% return rate? Seems hard to believe. If your source is sell-side analysts, i’d be cautious. Have been using a Bold on ATT for almost 1 year now with NO issues aside from the network. Great keyboard, screen, battery, trackball……..just a solid, reliable device.

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