4 thoughts on “Blackberry will be dead soon… NYTimes”

  1. Just curious if you’ve run Good Link on a Treo, which I recall is your device of choice. It looks interesting, but requires a server based connection from your office or carrier (though I have not seen any carrier deals). Love the idea of always-on email from something like a Blackberry (far from dead), but like the palm apps and PIM much more.

  2. hey jonathan – i tried signing up for one of the hosting services which provide the service, however it did not pan out. i tried everything but no going. others who use treo have complained about the service. it is one of those things which does not work as advertised.

  3. And they also don’t cover a real threat to RIM – the patent case against them. Very silly article. People seem to merge the idea of the Treo and the idea of Goodlink as well. Treo, as a device, is good but has had a lot of quality issues. Goodlink is just software that most people aren’t going to use because, as Om pointed out, of cost. I’ve tried both the Treo/Goodlink and Blackberry – and for email, Blackberry wins…..simply a better keyboard.

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