BlackBerry Will Remain Market Leader Through 2014: Analyst

13 thoughts on “BlackBerry Will Remain Market Leader Through 2014: Analyst”

  1. Om,

    The pie charts are more of eye charts and very unreadable. Any chance you can post a table with this data? Secondly – I am very curious what they see in terms of market share for apple.


  2. Everyone knows the analysts just “blowing in the air”…specially when t comes to say what will happen in 2014….my “guess” is they may be right on BlackBerry being a strong player in North America come 2014…I can blow in the air too my friend…:-)

  3. Where is the link to the report? At least to their summary….

    I think they are wrong, every analyst I’ve seen so far has under-predicted Apple market share, and almost everyone I know who used to have a Blackberry has an iPhone now. The holdouts are the people who are stuck on Verizon, so when Apple goes non-exclusive they will hoover up much more market share. In France, where Apple is on all four main providers, they have a very high market share now.

  4. Dave Smith wrote: “this data is bunch of crap. no one could have predicted the rise of Apple and future market share is a matter of future products these companies will be launching..”

    Dave is correct. Making such specific predictions 5 years in the future of Tech makes this article nothing more than propaganda for RIM and it’s #1 ally, the God that Om worships, Microsoft.

  5. It’s probable that RIM will retain it’s lead, although some other handset maker, Samsung or LG maybe, that makes a big push for Android in its lineup, will give RIM a run for its money. It’s highly doubtful that Apple will even retain that 15% share. For Apple, anything over a 10% marketshare, it sees as too many of the unwashed masses using the product, diminishing its “cool” sheen.

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