5 thoughts on “Updated: BlackBerry teaming up with UI firm”

  1. I feel like it’s a double-edge sword for RIM. If they don’t overhaul their UI, they won’t attract new eyes. But if they do, it will most likely look a lot more like the iPhone and Android, which will disenfranchise their core.

    They need to make sure that their UI stays simple and clean and enterprise-friendly, all while allowing for new features that will keep them relevant. Tricky business for a company not known lately for its revolutionary thought.

    1. When disrupted, it’s never the right choice to “improve” on your old technology to appeal to the new market that prefers the disruptive technology. They should’ve kept Blackberry mostly as it is, while pushing QNX hard to this new market and to developers. The problem is QNX has arrived so late, and it’s not even in phones yet. It won’t be until next year. Their slow reaction to iOS/Android and wishful thinking that they can improve Blackberry OS to match them is what got them in this mess.

    2. I think the key for RIM would be to improve the Blackberry OS experience on the touch devices. We have to remember that Blackberry is primarily a keyboard device and touch is not an natural interface for the platform.

      I am actually pretty excited to see how this shakes out and what emerges from the collaboration.

  2. I like this move from RIM but think it to be just a start – not the solution. They really need to re-imagine their product line. RIM may need to lock their smartest people in a room and get back to the “research” part of Research in Motion. Devine what people will be doing with handheld technologies in 3 years and build towards that – enough with playing catch-up, it’s a game that gets increasingly harder to win.

    Also, Om, both You I Labs and Teknision are Ottawa (Canada) based companies (you had Teknision listed as a Taiwanese firm in the article).

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on Ottawa-location for Teknision. Fixing it. Also I have heard that the You i Labs might buy Teknision. Just some chatter.

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