6 thoughts on “Blocking Skype with OpenBSD and Squid”

  1. Skype security risks? They are about as great as having PCs run Windows on your network I guess (i.e. slim if you ensure everyone has up to date patches, possibly great otherwise). I wonder why there aren’t more security papers calling for corporations to dump Windows?

  2. Guys from Coobol are going to complete Skype blocking solution based on their Supernode Identification technology within 20 days. Cool!

  3. What really puzzles me, is why would anyone want to block skype in the first place… I look all over the internet for answers to this, and have come up with nothing.


    Is it a ploy by the phone companies to steiffel the use of skype because it cuts into their profits? Or is it because some fascist country wants to have more control over how their citizens communicate?

    And why would the OpenBSD community even care about blocking skype, when their whole philosophy is openness and sharing of information…

    Is Skype that much hated…

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