6 thoughts on “Blogger doing custom domains now”

  1. Here is the irony:
    a. This feature is available only for beta blogger (i.e. the new blogger).
    b. And Blogger isn’t migrating blogs which has more than a few post (250+) to the new version.
    Here is an interesting (fictitious converstation) that Product Managers would have had:::
    Custom Domain Team [CDPM]: Finally we were able to catch up with WordPress!! Now, we have almost all the features that wordpress has..except a few!
    Blogger Beta PM [BBPM]: as in? Well, I don’t think so! My product still doesn’t work

    CDPM: But hey! Mine works – now bloggers can use the custom domain name feature!!
    BBPM: Wait dude – I need to enable migration before this happens! Right now, we only allow splogs and small blogs to switch. But not the one with more than a few significant no. of posts! [I mean the real users of the system]

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