8 thoughts on “Blogger, YouTube get F for downtime”

  1. What does downtime mean exactly? I’ve had days when My Yahoo doesn’t function properly, or Y!Mail doesn’t load for a couple of hours. So to me, the notion of Y! being up 100% of the time is silly. Seems to me that these measurements are subjective or not properly defined.

  2. I think looking at just downtime does not show the complete picture. Google SERPs load much much faster than Yahoo or MSN. Personally, I don’t find much of a difference in search results between Yahoo and Google, but since Yahoo takes that extra few seconds to load, I find myself going to Google every time. I think load time is a much better indicator of user experience given these minuscule downtimes.

  3. I go to Scroogle everytime! I don’t find Google or Yahoo to be worth it! Anyone that keeps my personal data on file for unspecified amounts of time and does god knows what with it, is not a candidate for my personal use. At all!

  4. IIRC, YouTube’s downtime was caused by some dipshit ISP screwing up a censorship implementation and accidentally DDoSing their own country with traffic intended for youtube.

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