4 thoughts on “Blogs, Journalism and Non Disclosures”

  1. Sheesh. Either this was written by stupid lawyers or just stupid people in general.

    “…and internet publications and blogs.”

    What, blogs aren’t internet publications? I mean, hey, if they just wanted to emphasize blogs, they could have written “…and internet publications (including, but not limited to blogs)…”

    Then again, even though I’m a law school graduate myself, I believe in the ‘common sense’ification of legalese.

    As in:

    “Don’t mention ANYTHING about this beta copy to ANYONE except you designated beta contact. Not to your bestest friend, not on the Internet, not over the phone, etc. etc. etc. You get the point. Mum’s the word, or we’ll sic our lawyers on you and maybe even make you re-read this in 8 point 10 page legalese. So don’t try any funny business, okay?”

  2. Er, that should have been “except YOUR designated beta contact.”

    Damn. When is blog software gonna come into the 21st century and get edit features?!

  3. It doesn’t cover handwritten publications? What about letters to myself that some others might read? And what about moans during sex, do those qualify as verbal disclosure? I mean, is not as if I am communicating something “oh baby, this product has integral export functions and rss syndication! oh!”

  4. Of course, a great way to monitor whether or not information about your secret project is being leaked via blogs is to create a subscription at http://PubSub.com that monitors the BlogoSphere for the appearance of your project’s code name, your company name, sites, keywords, etc.

    bob wyman

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