12 thoughts on “Blow-by-Blow: Cutting the Cord”

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  3. I have to say that’s a pretty awe-inspiring story. As someone who went through not one but two pregnancies while building a startup, I can so totally relate. Sometimes it just chooses you.}

  4. Thanks for your attention to these details Walker, we’re working on these things. Best, Carleen}

  5. Very well put Christina, the ebbs, flows and major decision points of your journey are whats makes the entrepreneur such an enigma and such an inspirational figure. Good stuff indeed!}

  6. I recall the first pay period I missed because I was not there anymore. I could look back and see the ledge. It was still in reach but I did not go for it because the decent/flight (both apply depending on situation) was such a rush.
    Today, I would be a detriment to any employer if I went back. My ability to focus on their needs would not be sufficient to the position.
    No turning back baby!!!}

  7. Nicely put Christina. I guess if there comes a time when one has to make that decision, then it just means that one is getting really close to realizing his/her entrepreneurial dreams.

    When and if I ever come upon that day, I would be LOL of joy like you did too.}

  8. Great how you show the roller-coaster of emotions that you went through on your career journey. I guess the lesson is that you have to be true to your nature and damn the consequences.}

  9. Christina,

    This is great to hear. One, because as a married father of four who’s wife’s awesome job is raising the kids, I totally know the feeling. Two, I loved the quote about not being productive for someone else and walking out of Google after day 5 has to be the most classic part. All in all, it was a great read and sounds EXACTLY like my experiences have been. Good luck moving forward.}

  10. I’ve recently (about 6 hours ago) decided to cut the cord from my full-time job in management / strategy consulting to pursue Convos, an internet startup I co-founded.

    We’ve been able to manage everything over nights and weekends and now, as we are weeks away from launching, I’ve reached that “now or never” moment.

    I’ve had this article starred in my rss reader and now when I read it, I’m even more excited. Some say I’ve lost it. I’d say it has been found. Thx for the insight!}

  11. Found|READers everywhere salute you, Matt! Keep us posted on how things are going — and post about your experience.

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