3 thoughts on “Blow-by-Blow: Losing My Virginity”

  1. Matthew, Great story, though (if possible) it will be nice to hear more details about the cause of the hangover – is it a disagreement between your partner and you, or that your growth rate did not meet expectations? …?

    In particular, what are the most important lessons that other Entrepreneur’s can take from your experience?


  2. Kudos that you guys managed to launch the product. We are working on a product idea and we have been beset with problems in launching it.

    Also interesting is the way you went and looked out for your co-founder. I did the same. Still to see what happens to me. :)}

  3. Vineet
    Hmmmmmm? The most important lesson? For me, it has been finding the strength to deal with the fear. For others, you have to find your source and make sure it is there when you begin to lean on it. If things do not work out the way you expect, and trust me they won’t, you will need help keeping your focus. You can easily get sidetracked in dealing with financial upkeep.

    In terms of the hangover, I could write up an entire piece on that alone.
    Right now, I am still trying to come to terms with it myself.
    In summation regarding the hangover, I went into business with someone I did not know. I should go into the details sometime but at this point there is still more that needs to take place.
    I found someone that could share my vision. I became excited about that. I did not seek more advice before agreeing to partner. I gave up majority share. I provided most of the funding. I am now paying for it.
    I suppose that is another Entrepreneur take away.}

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