6 thoughts on “Boxee vs Hulu: Battle of The Words”

  1. I really want Boxee to succeed. Unfortunately, he who controls the gold (content) is king.

    I’ve been impressed with Hulu’s execution. The fact that Hulu continues to pull the Heisman move on Boxee should be frightening. Unless Boxee can figure out a way to deliver killer content it may simply start to stall. I mean even Yahoo is starting to embed TV widgets into 2009 TV’s and they can pull off content deals where Boxee can’t. What’s going to happen when Apple announces their rich media play in Q3 (oops I wasn’t supposed to say that).

  2. Boxee may want to focus on getting the content direct from each content provider’s web site vs. through Hulu. I find that for shows like The Daily Show, there are more options/choices to view the content without Hulu !

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