4 thoughts on “Boycott Motorola V710 on Verizon”

  1. Thank you for warning me! I was seriously looking to buy this phone. Now I have decided against it. Could you make a list of *crippled* phones that all of us can boycott?

  2. You cannot blame Motorola for the failures on some of these units made for Verizon. Verizon is one of the worst cellular companies I have seen. They make life a living hell for cellphone manufactures with their deadlines and other requests that’s impossible in the wireless industry. This doesn’t give the cell manufactures enough time to test their products because they have to meet Verizon’s deadline or the contract is off.

    What’s the problem with Motorola? They BOW down to Verizon (Evil Cellular Empire). Motorola should stand up to themselves and should inform Verizon listen, this is what we make and you take it or leave it. Why is that we don’t that much of Motrola GSM issue’s? CDMA sucks, get a life. BMW, Mercedes did drop CDMA from their car lines and they are going with GSM. Verizon and Microsoft can join together and change their names to Microzon or Verisoft(two evil empires).

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