15 thoughts on “Breaking: Comcast boosts "data usage" limits from 250 GB to 300 GB a month”

    1. Your IP address has been tracked and the FBI are on route. Please send $400.00 to Viacom (spelled JIM SMITH) to avoid any further action 🙂

  1. Any time a company says we know what’s best for you, You know your getting screwed. Or it’s my way or the highway. or give me more money.

  2. About time Comcast. Now, if you can only give me stand alone internet (at a decent speed) with forcing me to take your video/tv packages with it to get a lower price. Or better yet, let choose which stations I want to subscribe to Ala Carte. Are we there yet?

  3. Seriously, this data cap crap is killing development of technologies. I don’t care of pirated IPs but it really screawing with BlazeDS/Flex, Silverlight, and other technologies as far as bringing them to rid us of html (html 5 is a joke, a painful slow joke at that). As a developer , I am interested in seeing a replacement of JavaScript/HTML and the security holes it brings and the threat of the telecoms toll gating everything has brought such development to a screeching halt.

    1. Robert

      I totally agree with you. I think they should charge for higher speeds and not use data caps. I have written about it endlessly. Anyway let’s see how this works out…

  4. Note they tell you how much per 50GB overage, but they are not mentioning how much of that money is profit.
    I don’t mind the idea of them charging for additional resource use. I mind that they end up making more than is reasonable doing it. cost + 10-15% would be about right.

  5. if i said i killed somebody they would have to find the body, no body no crime, same goes for piracy

  6. This is actually a rather terrible proposal by Comcast, 4.5 years ago now they introduced a 250gig limit(hidden on their site and terms of agreement). I signed up again a year ago and when i did the comcast employees had never even heard of the cap when i mentioned it to them. But i digress, the current 250 gig limit was alright for 2008 but now since almost everything is on the internet 300 gig is supposed to make all the difference (BS). Honestly data usage should have increased each year just like speeds have, if you use Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth: 2009 = 393gb, 2010 = 616gb, 2011 = 967gb, 2012 = 1,519gb, and 2013 should be 2,384gb. which yes i do believe is a bit out there but should be built for room to grow, even if they just add 100gb a year to account for growth. the answer will be no though because a pay for model is much more profitable.

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