12 thoughts on “Sling Team Leaving the Building”

  1. Why is this sad news? The Blake and Jason team are great innovators, and Echostar is an operations company that is about cutting costs and reducing customer churn.

    These are mutually exclusive and fundamentally juxtaposed initiatives. The 922 is a great box, that they launched at CES, so their work was done.

    Here’s my take at a mini-review on its capabilities: http://www.g4tv.com/ces2009/videos/35956/CES_09_Hands_On_Echostar_VIP_922_Box.html

    The software still needs to be worked out on this, but I hope it ships and firmware updates continue. As for the Krikorians, I wish them the best. They were great to work with, but it’s time for them to innovate again.


  2. You can’t fault Sling’s founders for getting while the gettins good, but you do have to wonder how long it will be before Dish has to take an impairment charge on their Sling acquisition. Post Wall St. collapse, $380 million sounds like a pretty big number for a company with modest revenue and little to no profits.

  3. @Davis

    I think it is clear – the time is now for company to execute on all the cool new products that have been announced. they will do rather well for sometime. My guess is that sooner or later Sling just becomes a feature of Echostar settop boxes and stops being a standalone product.

  4. Om, that’s exactly what they announced at CES. And no new retail hardware. The writing’s on the wall.

    I assume the marching orders came from above. 4-5 executives (on two coasts) don’t coincidentally all leave on the same day. And every severance agreement I’ve heard of includes language that prevents them from speaking frankly…

  5. I warned Sling last year that their technology would eventually become obsolete. Blake thanked me via email. In 10 years everything will be delivered wirelessly over wimax internet: television, phone, data. Goodbye cable, satellite, fiber, cell-phones, landlines, etc.

  6. Woah! Was that a confirmation that the SlingBox App for iPhone is on it’s way soon? I’ve heard rumors for months now and even saw a demo on YouTube but this is the first I’ve heard something being mentioned as if it’s a done deal. Anyone know a potential release date? I need that app ASAP!!!

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