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  1. All this buzz about Allaire’s brightcove in the blogosphere but no one speculating on the revenue model….how is he going to make money? This is the bane of online media business be it video, music, or text content; there is huge demand increasing yearly but how do you monetize this. In Brightcoves case they are targeting independent/amateur short-form video producers so they can’t charge them a lot(if any). And it hasn’t been shown that the end-user consumer audience will pay for watching video online. Maybe a Pay-for-performance type advertisement system where ads (text a la adwords & maybe video commercials) are inserted via context-based or tag/keyword based criteria. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out.

  2. Live content is the future of internet video, moments after an event finishes it already has a torrent, this is why DRM is important to this industry, and people such as myself. I do not see the direction of BrightCove, I see where they want to go, but I do not see them heading there quite yet. With the video search engines coming out one after another it wont be long until google, yahoo, etc snaps up and aggregates every piece of video available. I dont believe that IPtv will make its mark for a few years, until IPtv gains certain right to programming they really have nothing to offer except short clips and amateur video. They way of the future is….

  3. Liked your article on Bright Cove…do you think their distribution model will based on P2P networking?

    Also, what are your opnions of emerging company from London….Narrowstep?



  4. Richard, to be honest I am not sure what their distribution model is going to be. they have not made it clear, though going with p2p would be most prudent. I will keep you guys posted as I get more details. ANyway – on Narrow Step, let me investigate


  5. On a production-side basis, a little company that hasn’t made a peep of a sound within iptv or web2.0, is called forbidden technologies with a product called Forscene / Formobile, and Clesh.com.

    It’s concentrating on the back-office functions including drm (though it is streaming-based) and integrated billing with bango. It is a hosted platform and enviroment, possibly not unlike Brightcove -though it’s been going a lot longer and worked in the real world.

    Kind regards,

    Shakir Razak.

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