Bucket Explorer, Bringing S3 Storage To The Masses

12 thoughts on “Bucket Explorer, Bringing S3 Storage To The Masses”

  1. Great to see more S3 Consumer UIs. A drive letter integration and automatic sync would have been better. S3Drive is a Freeware which offers similar features as in JungleDisk. BucketExplorer looks to be in the similar category of S3Drive Firefox Extension.

  2. I did not know about the timed URL feature of Amazon S3 until I used Bucket Explorer. This can be very handy for me as I ship VM Ware images every 2 weeks to my sales team. I was considering to use Winzip Courier, but I will give Amazon S3 a try.

  3. Disclaimer: I develop a set of products competing with ones mentioned above, namely S3 Backup, S3 Webmaster and a few more (FTP/WebDAV access, synchronization).

    Bucket Explorer is a decent app, but in my opinion it lacks focus (same applies to S3 Firefox plugin and a number of other apps). If you’d prefer something that does exactly the things you want and in a more straightforward manner I encourage you to check out my apps. S3 Webmaster in particular will be launched this week.

  4. I looked at Bucket Explorer but I’m now using the windows file explorer from SMEStorage.com and using my own S3 Account through their OpenS3 program – really great product – can’t see enough good things about it and great for sharing files with S3 as well as working with Microsoft Office and Open Office.

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