7 thoughts on “The State of Broadband 2006: DSL rules for now”

  1. It will be interesting to see how Fiber To Home (FTTH) technology gains the market share. As you mentioned, Verizon seems to have the lead right now.

  2. Homes with multiple HD TV sets will drive FTTx. There is no other way to effectively deliver the required bandwidth – period. IPTV will change it everything.

    The carriers building FTTx such as Verizon will prove that the maintenance savings of an all fiber network compared to one with copper will eventually make the shareholders forget about the billions it cost to build.

  3. It will be interesting to see how DSL companies fare with this increased demand considering the pressures in pricing such as CNXT and BRCM have stated in their past couple of quarters especially in Asia and Europe. North American market continues to be bullish considering the gains on Cable. However, IPTV is too slow off the blocks here compared to Asia or Europe, so it will be an intriguing battle between price and features.

  4. Fiber to home is undoubtedly going to grow, but we must remember that broadband over power lines, satellites, and other forms of Wi-Fi like WiMAX are in development. It’ll be interesting to see how these alternate forms of connection to high-speed internet will account for broadband growth.


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