One thought on “Broadband Belgium”

  1. A little hello from Belgium just to let you know that if there were 1 million Video/VDSL subscribers in Belgium I would certainly have noticed.

    As I happen to be a subscriber of DSL Prime myself I went back and reread Dave Burstein’s last email and found the misleading headline: “Belgacom VDSL, video, 25% of homes”. Aha!

    But then: “Belgacom just signed their millionth sub, a quarter of all homes in the country.”
    Good old ADSL that is, not VDSL! Belgacom is also running a field trial on VDSL and video but on a small scale (200-500 homes I think), hence the confusion.

    Pfff, you scared me, for a second I thought I had become a laggard on the technology adoption curve 🙂

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