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  1. Lot of impressive analogies, but the only examples of new services that I could find in the 7-paragraph post were “Call Mom”, “Add brother to call” and ringback tones. Am I missing something?

    I agree with the title of this post, but was expecting something more insightful than “Call Mom”. Or perhaps, VoiceXML actually doesn’t have anything to do with phone as the platform and Tellme is just trying to hitch itself to the consumer VoIP bandwagon.

  2. Ash:

    Yes, you are missing things like “multimodal and multi-party communication”.

    I thought TellMe offers services to PSTN customers right now, meaning VoIP is not required to process the application logic. Indeed for voice recognition applications, it is preferable that voice is in the raw form. In other words, the application has to realize the original voice samples rather than encoded voice.

    One can visualize application scenarios where the user interaction can be through one of multiple mechanisms ’Äì voice, different forms of browsers (phone, PDA, PC). In these cases VoiceXML helps in developing single, unified application logic. But I just do not see why the voice has to be based on VoIP technology.

    The applications listed in the original post can and are currently being offered to PSTN customers; but I know of no instances where it is available for a VoIP user.

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