6 thoughts on “By End of 2010, San Francisco Will Have SuperFast Wireless”

    1. AT&T has said that their LTE will roll out in 2011. We shall see. I don’t believe that company’s timeline for they keep shifting things around.

  1. seriously tho, tell me when SF has wifi. any wifi.

    ditto with the myriad other cities around the country that ‘have wifi’. these are press releases, nothing more.

    take san jose – my current residence. they have wifi. it says so right there in your wifi-finder — on your laptop, on your iphone — if you stand on two particular corners of downtown streets — good luck finding them. does it work? nope. never has, never will.

    1. We’re so excited to be expanding 4G in California! It will be more built-out in San Francisco by the end of the year. I just wanted to suggest the Rover 4G for when the launch is official – it’s pay-as-you-go, so you can set it up for a day/week/month/ whatever. It broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal so up to 8 laptops, smartphones, iPads etc can connect to it. It’s worth checking out – the design is pretty sleek!

      Jamala at Rover.com

  2. True 4G does NOT EXUST ANYWHERE IN THE USA. Wimax, let, etc fails to meet the ITC specs for true 4G. So any carrier claiming 4g are false claims

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