4 thoughts on “C-Ya Carly”

  1. Now lets just hope whomever they find to fill the witch’s shoes isn’t worse then the witch herself. In bizarro land I can just imagine Capellas being asked to come back but he’s too busy with MCI. Or even better, Bernie Ebbers! Ha! I kill me sometimes.

  2. What should the HP board do with the company? Sell PC business to someone who will take it, ala IBM. Focus on enterprise , and consumer device businesses. Spin out printer business under the brand name, Hewelett Packard.

  3. Om, asking what the HP board should do and what the HP board will do is going to be a world of difference. I wouldn’t be surprised if the board was pushed by the shareholders to oust Carly in this case. As it stands the board thought having her as CEO was a good idea, and don’t even get started on the whole merger mess. The HP board should try to make themselves different from Dell by putting R&D effort into the systems they build. They have to be different otherwise they are just a less efficent version of Dell. There is little reason that the PC space can’t mimic some of Apples sucess in industrial design and product rollouts. Who would want to buy HP’s PC biz anyways? The consumer side is so-so at best and their workstations are actually pretty nice. Servers arent bad either.

    You want to bring HP back? Bring back Walter Hewlett.

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