2 thoughts on “Cable Co versus ISPs, one more time”

  1. Om,

    Wouldn’t you consider this cast to be a backdoor route for the RBOC’s to lock out 3rd parties.

    I mean an ILEC and an MSO are both local regulated monopolies, and the issue here is one of equivalence.

    As much as I hate to admit it, I think 3rd party access companies are going to suffer.

  2. This all seems pretty silly — that is, not the prospect of cable companies obtaining the monopolistic ability to screw consumers, but the fact that it’s even a live issue. I suspect it’s because we don’t think about it correctly.

    The single service at issue, broadband internet over cable lines, really amounts to two consumer products: 1) access to use the cable lines themselves, and 2) the information we’re presented with at the other end of the lines, i.e. the software gateway to the broader internet beyond. One is a physical product, the other is a service. Why should the cable co.s get to use their monopoly control over the product (which in itself I don’t object to, they laid its foundation) to ram the service down our throats? I’ll gladly pay Time Warner to use their lines, but I want to keep my Earthlink access, thankyouverymuch.

    The simple and smart solution is to split the pricing to reflect these two different products, but who knows if we’ll see a simple, smart solution materialize. It’s probably marginally less desirable for some big company’s bottom line, which means they’ll fight tooth and nail against consumer on the issue.

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