12 thoughts on “Cablevision Broadband, Now Faster than LIE”

  1. I’m on Optimum online right now. Truly amazing stuff, especially at 29.99 for the first six months. Compare this to Miami based broadband that was a tenth of the speed at 49.99 a month. I’m going to upgrade to the boost account for the 30 megabits. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Jason L. Baptiste
    CEO of Viral Ventures, parent company of uGather.com

  2. Don’t believe the hype, announced and delivered are two different things. I am a cablevision subscriber, and the fastest I have ever had (from their own speed tester) is around 6. I never got 10, I checked, and of course they are not upgrading my town yet, guess they have not got around to us yet.

  3. Cablevision actually announced this service last summer. They just completed offering to it’s entire footprint this week.

    I have the standard 15/2 service and I consistently see 12-13/1.5 speeds.

    For all the complaints about Cablevision, they are always pushing the limits of what the other MSO’s are doing. Their beta trials of a network DVR ( which have the Studios panties in a bundle) is a testimony to that.

  4. I have the boost you speak of, yes I know but I’m a sucker for speed. It isn’t as advertised but at times i can get up to 24Mbps down and 1.8Mbps up so i’m satisfied for now until somone can do better for the same price.

  5. Of course that’s if you don’t run P2P apps. As soon as you crank one of those up, your speed drops to nothing. Otherwise, it’s a spectacular product. But there really ought to be a way you can get the speed advertised no matter what app you’re running.


  6. OK, I tested my speed on Cablevision last nite, and had 5.9 downstream and 2.2 upstream? Looks like my upstream improved, but the downstream didn’t move much. Wonder why that happens? Now I just have to go find something to upstream.

  7. cablevison sucks! they have so screwed up my account at home it is unbelievable. everytime you call you need to talk to 27 people before they even realize who the hell they are talking to. no one has a clue overthere and for what they charge and all the hours you have to wait to see a “technician” they should require more then being able to breathe to get a job there.

  8. Can someone tell me why Japanese consumers pay 15 dollars a month for 30 megabit ethernet when their cost of living is so much “higher” than ours?

    This is the very dark side of Capitalism. Insuring that the competition is defeated by laws.

    How about a completely wireless network?

  9. well in france too we’re far ahead… I’ve got 20meg at home for someting like 20$… (and the box also provides free phone on national calls and HDTV)

  10. Don’t believe it until you see it. If Cablevision isn’t the online broadband provider on Long Island, I would have switch to another provider alright. Their salesmen are annoying as hell, keeps calling me every other month to add their phone service to my existing package.

    What they failed to tell customers about their “triple” package (phone, cable, internet) is how often their internet service does GO DOWN! They sale staff and tech support always ASSUMES it’s the end user’ fault (bad modem, etc).

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