10 thoughts on “Falco 2, Calacanis 0”

  1. You mean that Calacanis, right after having mastered the art of running a $1 Billion company (ahah. where? when?), now departs for greener pastures? Makes sense.

    I bet they looked at the Netscape traffic stats for the last months before taking him on board.

  2. Looks like the Calcanis PR flacks are working overtime in varnishing this guy’s image: if he quit/was fired/got bored and took a flyer, Calcanis was no rainmaker…WTF is Netscape?!! Guy was good for a quote or two at a tradeshow but he’s no Amanda Congdon… And as for going to work for Murdoch, he might need a stable-boy or a valet-parker…BTW, why the hell don’t you guys ask serious questions like why the hell Terry Semel STILL WORKS IN THIS INDUSTRY!!!

  3. “Art Vandalay,” from Vandalay Industries, no doubt? Are you into latex? Apparently you are, or at least you have some beef with Calacanis that’s big enough to slag him anonymously. Coward.

    Getting rid of Jason is capital-D dumb … he was the one thing AOL/Netscape had going for it.

    (At least from the admittedly myopic/narrow view of the web 2.0 world.)

  4. I’d have to question Jason having a heart that was useful. Or ideas that were his own and not stolen from others. AOL is a company of smart outspoken people. They just don’t spend their days screaming to the press about their great ideas, they try to change from the inside out. Slow, frustrating, but potentially productive. Stop staring at the screaming baby on the podium and look around.

  5. Calacanis did not leave a great legacy at AOL. Netscape is a mess, the blog properties are stabalizing or declining, and “Weblogs Inc” has zero brand traction as a whole. There has been zero innovation in the past year.

    Sure, if you’re deep into the “web 2.0” world, and have little experience in actually, you know, making money, it may seem that Calacanis was a “savior” or even important person at AOL. But in reality he was a one-trick pony who was good at talking like he had big ideas, but in reality was good at a very old-school thing: publishing.

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