7 thoughts on “California Fires: The Tragic & Very Real Web Reality Show”

  1. Both of these video clips are now displaying “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”.

    This, unfortunately, is one of the negatives for this new media. Sometimes things on the Web change too quickly: something “interesting” that gets posted, linked to and blogged about one day ends up becoming unavailable. Perhaps because the original author decided to pull it, his ISP throttled his bandwidth, or a site owner pulled it without the author’s notice.

    Whatever the reason, it makes blog postings like this one seem less “credible”, which is frustrating in instances like this when you’re searching for information and end up only getting half the story because you were 12 hours too late.

    I wonder if people would prefer “up to the minute, distributed” coverage that may be spotty or “slightly slower, centralized” access that’s more consistent?

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