16 thoughts on “Call Me via VoIP on Facebook”

  1. I just tried this app. I think they could do with explaining the process a little better during the setup as the first call you get is confusing. Add something like “please enter your phone number, and we will call you with instructions to place the call.” It’s a minor issue, just something for the user experience.

  2. “Allowing 8×8 Connect access will let it pull your profile information, photos, your friends’ info, and other content that it requires to work.”

    What part of the above don’t people understand? Every time you install one of these applications you are essentially opening up, no only your life, but the lives of all your friends (mostly without their permission) to some corporate stranger. No wonder identity theft is running rampant in our culture, let alone spam in our inboxes.

  3. Am I missing something here that makes this great…. Its a call me button that lets a user put a number in and it pulls your number from a lookup on your facebook profile.. So what ? nothing new here been done may times in the past, and yes using voip….

  4. Seth is right. Rather than install a friend-ID-revealing Facebook application, just click OUT of fb and go to your OTHER VOIP program. News flash: it is possible to function on the Web outside of Fb. Like right now. It’s also possible to function on Fb without applications.

  5. I don’t want any calls from the creepy guy in the graphic. He looks like the Republican candidate for the House.

  6. You can generate new ideas by stealing peoples money…. 8×8 does not pay their partners the amount they say they will pay after making sales…. there customer support sucks they never answer your emails about the commissions and I think they use the unpaid commissions for their technological advancement…. I must say they are Big LIARS and Big Cheaters….

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