3 thoughts on “CallVine: Its Like Deja Vu All Over Again”

  1. Om –

    Thanks for taking a personal look at Callvine and totally understand the déjà vu reference as others have certainly been down this path – including Vello whose assets we purchased as the basis of Callvine. However, the iPhone truly did change everything about the mobile market (it wasn’t available when Vello and iotum launched), and we haven’t seen an app yet that does what we’re doing – making group calls and texts with a single touch. Just to be clear – we are going after the conference calling market and targeting mobile professionals – we’re just using the term “group calls” to be more consumer friendly. The iPhone is a critical business tool for many today and our market research showed 40% of iPhone users have participated on a conference call and 24% have hosted calls from their iPhones.

    As other iPhone developers have pointed out, the lines between consumer and business use have become increasingly blurry (Evernote says 80% of their users use it for consumer and business use), and we believe that by offering our free mobile conferencing service, we can find the road warriors, sales execs, and field personnel that can really benefit from an app to set up and manage a group call (aka “conference call”) on the go. I fully agree that our vision does need serious scale and we’re building out our platform and service to support the level of users it requires. Keep an eye out for upcoming partner announcements where we’ll be proving out our model even more.

    Best –

    Rudy Prince
    CEO, Callvine

  2. Seems like a they will have to aim for a very niche market for this type of service.
    Having more then 3 to 4 people on a group call is at times hard to manage so having 10 or 20 will be difficult and this will be a big challenge so you are right they might have to re-think their model

  3. My last company, Open Communication Systems, did this. We started out with a consumer focused group communication system, quickly figured out that was going to make exactly zero dollars, and transitioned to business conferencing and group messaging.

    This is an ok space to be in, but margins have eroded dramatically thanks to bottom feeders, and free VoIP services like Skype. ZipDX (www.zipdx.com) has the right idea by offering high quality audio conferencing, something that is worth paying extra for. Otherwise it is hard to differentiate yourself against entrenched providers.

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