9 thoughts on “Camera Phones Hot, Cameras Not”

  1. It doesn’t matter how many megapixels these camera phones have. The bottom line is that they have mostly shitty lenses so the higher MP the higher you magnify the crap. If one of these manufacturers can pack in a nice lens in a cell phone I’ll buy it. With such small form factors though I have my doubts.

  2. Well I bought a phone with a camera because it was avialable.i have never used the crap camera that is on my phone. My point is most poeple buy phones, and cameras with phones in them..
    Atleast i hope i am right on this one.. 😉

  3. Two points:

    1) Higher pixel counts are meaningless without a material improvement in the reverse link, which is an 07-08 event.

    2) Removable memory cards allow the user to bypass the carrier as gatekeeper.

    Much like the delay in WiFi-Cell combo phones the carriers have (intentionally?) positioned themselves are the wrong side and are going to fall really hard.

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  5. Camera Phones will not topple the profits of digital cameras for 2005 , a serious camera buyer is still not going to look for a digital camera phone over a regular digital camera since the megapixels seldom go over 3 mb and it offers very poor handling.

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  7. The #1 phone for each and every one of the major carriers is a camera phone. Seven of the top 10 phones (in October) were camera phones. Because camera phones are that popular? Or just because the popular phones happen to have cameras in them?

    Wirefly’s top sellers:
    1. Motorola RAZR V3 (Camera Phone)
    2. Motorola E815 (Video and Camera Phone)
    3. Samsung PM-A740 (Camera Phone)
    4. Motorola V330 (Video and Camera Phone)
    5. Audiovox 8910 (Camera Phone)
    6. Motorola V220 (Camera Phone)
    7. Motorola i850 (Camera Phone)
    8. Motorola i710
    9. Motorola V188
    10. Motorola V260

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