31 thoughts on “Camino 0.9 – its brisk baby”

  1. The beat version of 0.9 is a sizzler.

    If by beat version you mean beta version, Camino 0.9 is actually still in alpha stage. Alpha 1 to be precise, hence the designation 0.9a1

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  3. Not sure if anyone is even paying attention on mac firefox. i think camino is a much cleaner os-x browser. and thank god and some cool cooders for that.

  4. @pb

    I beleive MoFo just hired a summer intern who’s primary focus is soley on Firefox/Thunderbird on the mac so that Firefox 1.1 plays nicer..

    But still, Camino is built for OSX and has it’s purpose, and I think it always will.

  5. I disagree that Camino is Firefox done right on the mac…

    Basically you have another island. While the deep ties into the Mac OS X is really great, that you can’t treat Camino just like Firefox and use all the extensions which I benefit from daily is like using a Mac in the old sense of the word… you are stuck. It may be a fine place to be stuck in but this project would be best if it were more closely linked to the features of Firefox.

    But that’s another project eh?

  6. Calling Camino Firefox done right for the Mac may make a great sound bite (blog bite?) but the two are so different in practical function that I don’t see how you can compare them in that way. FYI, I think Camino is a standout browser. I’ve used it off and on for a long time and prefer it to the other Mozilla offerings.

    Firefox doesn’t feel as “Mac” and stands out mainly for its extensions and perhaps its live bookmarks. My first choice on my PC.

    Camino is pure Cocoa and oozes OS X (Tiger, really, with 0.9+). However the things that make Firefox what it is, namely extensions but including live bookmarks and themes, are not part of Camino. Nor are there any equivalents. This isn’t a shortcoming, its just that, at least functionally, the browsers are very different beasts.

    Comparing them they way you have doesn’t really do Camino justice.

  7. You folks talk about extensions – when the broswer’s first and foremost function is to be just that – a broswer. i love camino because i don’t have to reboot it like firefox which freezes on me all the time. i don’t care for extensions for they slow down the browsing experience. camino does one thing – be a browser and does an admirable job. so if you want a sucky experience with firefox go right ahead. on my mac, camino is the way to go. enough people use it, and we can surely expect more extensions for camino as well!

  8. Camino is a little buggy. I just hope by version 1 they have Live Bookmarks. IMO that’s the only thing it’s really missing. I use both browsers on and off.

    And too the guy who said no one who uses a Mac really pays attention to Firefox:

    Total Downloads of Camino from Macupdate.com – 82829

    Total Downloads of Firefox from Macupdate.com – 137887

    So so much for your theory 😉

  9. The other big feature in Camino is its tight integration with the OS X Keychain. All my passwords, ids, etc, have one secure place to live, instead of being scattered around. Even Safari doesn’t have the same level of integration.

  10. The comparison attempted by this blog enry completely ignores the fundatmental natures of the browsers in question (eg, Firefox and Camino). Each one is fantastic, but for different purposes altogether.

    Firefox is peerless for web professionals, and has tools (available from various extensions) that have no parallel on any other platform… particularly at the pricetag of FREE.

    Both are fully functional browsers that provide most every functionality a modern web surfer could need… though I’ll concede that Camino is in want of some RSS capacity, but you can certainly be sure that’s going to show up by 1.0.

    The new tabs in the 0.9 alpha are much nicer, btw. I look forward to phenomenal future browser releases from both projects!

  11. “Could the energy spent on Camino be better utilized in making MacFirefox better?”

    I’m sure others have said this, but Camino is Cocoa, and Firefox is Carbon.

    For Mozilla to fly on Macintel, the code will HAVE to be cocoa from the ground up.

    Unfortunately, Firefox in its present cross platform state, gets ALL the developer attention. That is, all the plug ins and hacks that actually make it USEFUL (to me),
    are, as far as I can tell, Firefox only.

    There is a certain elegant edge to Camino’s cocoa goodness, but the bells and whistles I increasingly need, are in Firefox. At the moment, I use OmniWeb and Firefox the most. Firefox chokes the least on content (flash sites, etcetera), Omniweb allows more tab manipulation.

    I only wish Camino got more and more attention, and was the equal of Firefox in add ons and features, while still being better under the hood for MacOSX. I don’t know how the switch to intel is going to effect development of either.

  12. I have to agree with Om’s comments – my browser is a BROWSER first and foremost and Cocoa goodness, native app speed and tight OS X integration are what the Mac is all about. Little touches like automatically mounting a disk image I’ve downloaded a la Safari, native widgets and keychain/address book integration are why I LOVE Camino.

    Firefox has its place, and it ROCKS on Wintel – but I’ll stick to Camino on Tiger, thanks. 🙂

    How’s this for a tagline – Camino: Browsing the Mac Way (Camino is ‘way’ in Spanish and also hearkens to a certain Zen philosophy message that seems appropriate for the Mac)…

  13. I don’t agree at all with the premise that a browser it just that, a browser.
    A browser it not just a browser anymore, it is arguably one of the most important applications
    ( and getting more so everyday ) that a person can use during the work day. Tools that extend it and keep one from going to the App folder for whatever reason ( blogs, tags, bookmarks, passwords, etc ) are keeping me using FireFox, warts and all.


  14. oh yeah, and for those who cry about features… which essentially are plugins/themes/extensions from thrid-party developers. Give it some time and you will have them making all the toys for this as well. Same engine (Gecko)… so easily ported over.

    I’m just happy to see MAC developers working on a MAC browser for a change (excluding Safari, of course, but Safari has gotten bloated as of late).

    It would be nice if Camino BECAME Safari!

    In an ideal world maybe!

  15. I think we’ve had just about enough platform-dependent browsers, thank you very much. And strangely, they’re all a pile of rubbish.
    IE, Konqueror, Safari… none even worth mentioning, really. If it’s not cross-platform, it’s not worth it.

  16. Great Job!! A step up on Safari and the speed is fantastic. I thought my server was slow. Camino is the #1 Browser.
    Thank You!

  17. You know how Firefox has these really fun, informative, and usefull Downloads (or extensions) right on to the Browser. >?

    Camino should have that .

  18. The problem with Camino is that it is Yet Another Cool Browser for Mac OS X (YACB4MOX :). While Camino is fast, has style, and uses the Keychain, it lacks in other areas like extensions.

    I love Camino, but since starting to use it I find I have even more trouble than I used to for managing my passwords. You see, my first choice while browsing is Camino; while I use Firefox for all my web development (the development environment is the best IMHO); then I use Flock if I want to write a quick blog entry; and lastly I need to use Safari for testing.

    All this tabbing about used to be real pain because these browsers didn’t share passwords; this is why I had to write 1Passwd. 1Passwd is a Password Manager & AutoFill program that integrates with the OS X Keychain. 1Passwd integrates directly with Camino, Safari, Firefox, and Flock so that no matter which one you are using you never need to leave your browser to find your passwords.

  19. I love it. It is more compatable with sites than Safari, passwords are easy but it needs XUL extensions or some type of conversion.

  20. Hmmm… I havent tried it out yet,.. but can anyone tell me why exactly camio is different from firefox in stuff other than style??

  21. i love camino but i think, only need some things like : a button for reload a file, at the download window.

    sometimes when you download a file and stop for connection bye reset by peer, with camino you have to download again the file while with firefox you have reload file , its great…

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