17 thoughts on “Camino 1.5: Brisk, Better, Best”

  1. I agree that Camino provides the best overall experience for Mac, however the lack of support for Firefox-like plug-ins is a drawback for me. Hopefully this is on the roadmap!

  2. The one thing I wish it had (and turns out to be the ONLY thing keeping me on Tiger’s Safari) is a superior RSS feed reader built in.

    As good as NNW is… I find I don’t like having the extra app open. I KNOW! call me crazy… just my weird preference.

    Safari’s RSS reader is actually quite good and Leopard’s is going to be better still (written by an ADC Select member in good standing).

  3. With Google Reader providing all the features of a stand-alone RSS reader, it seems so much simpler to just read feeds right in the browser — why complicate things by switching back and forth to a separate app?

  4. Well, I have gone back – twice! A friend of mine is a Camino devotee, and I have never seen the attraction. In side-by-side tests, I didn’t find Camino so much faster I couldn’t leave. The added functionality of Firefox, plus the sites that don’t recognize Camino, and won’t work. I’ll try 1.5, but have no emotional investment in liking it or not.

  5. Om, thanks for reminding me to try this out — I switched from Firefox. I was tired of the damn thing (v2.0.0.4, to be precise) crashing on me every few hours. And I was tired of the slowness… every millisecond adds up.

    I agree about RSS: I just keep a tab open with Google Reader.

  6. Agreed, Camino is a great browser on the Mac. Much, much better than Firefox. I removed the Fox from my machine after Camino 1.5 came out. I still use Safari as my primary browser because it renders type better.

  7. What I still find annoying/ugly in Camino is how it renders buttons in HTML forms; still an issue in 1.5 as I’ve just discovered. Sometimes they’re overly huge, while other times the buttons are too short and the text overlaps. This is never an issue with Safari.

  8. i too think that Camino is the way to go with Mac OS, i like Safari, but there is something about it that makes it far from perfect. My Firefox crashes constantly and seems to bring out the beach ball more since the recent upgrade. i am really happy about Camino and the recent speedy upgrades, it was due. If someone more talented than myself at plug-ins could just copy the functionality of the top 10 firefox ones, we would be in business – perhaps it is the lack of plug ins that make Camino so fast. Oh, i see I have four spelling errors already, but the marked “Camino” is not one of them!

    The password issue is much better but still not perfect, i hope mozilla fixes this and Camino will stay my number one browser!

  9. One warning: if you have the old CaminoSession plugin installed, it will cause lots of very weird problems. Make sure you remove the CaminoSession input manager plugin.

  10. FF is as good as any other browser in terms of speed if you keep the number of plugins to minimum. 1-2 plug ins are ok. But beyond that, it is the worst browser. Those plugins are responsible for crashes too.

    I don’t know if Camino has 3rd party toolbar support or not. May be nobody is developing one for Camino. But if Camino doesn’t have it natively, its a big issue. I like google toolbar because it saves a lot of time and effort. Yes the spell checker highlights “toolbar” and the suggestion is “tool bar”.

  11. I have tried to leave Camino several times but always come back. It’s just the best browser to do general surfing out there. It’s quick especially when you are going forward and backward a lot in reading articles from a base collection like Drudge or MacSurfer. My only gripe is how WSJ articles fit down the page once loaded, but I can live with that. Hope they continue to refine!

  12. Anyone tried Navigator 9? The Link Pad idea, where you can drop links for a later look without adding them to your permanent bookmarks immediately, sounds like it might be good.

  13. I can’t seem to get used to Firefox and always keep coming back to Camino. I don’t use any plugins, so that might be it. I am trying Shiira now – but it does use a lot of resources.

  14. Greg, i dunno, it is crashing on me like loco. Camino has worked great, the right side of the web page is sometimes a little close to the edge tho, strange, other than that, perrrrfect.

    PS Funny how Camino spellchecks itself no?

  15. I have just tried Camino 1.5. I would wholeheartedly move over to this app. IF it had RSS feeds that worked like Firefox. Other than that, it is everything that I want in a browser!

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