9 thoughts on “Can LinuxPC Grow Broadband Usage?”

  1. So this French ISP is trying to convince people to spend 480 Euros per year on broadband by offering them a computer with an user-unfriendly OS for 99 Euros? They might want to rethink that plan.

  2. Looking at the exchange rate it would be about $50/mo. for broadband and $126 for the PC. What’s so great about that? Am I missing something?

  3. But what does a yogurt maker look like? All I can picture is a bag of milk and bacteria cultures left in the sun . . .

  4. I think I would probably go for this if I lived in France, though I would probably be one who already has a computer, so the cheap linux box isn’t what would get me.

    Impatient: You say that the system has “an user-unfriendly OS”. For one, this migt or might not be true, as they haven’t said which distro they will be using. For someone who has little PC contact, though, Linux is no less user-friendly than windows. I suggest you try it before you judge it.

  5. that it is a good idea but can it route packet/information connectivity to other network internationally.And how trusted will the network be

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