2 thoughts on “Canadians get their VoIP groove on”

  1. Bell Canada plans to deploy VoIP by 2007. Already VDSL rollout has begun. Rogers plans to have VoIP in the Greater Toronto Area by 2007.

    From what I understand, the Canadian telcos are ahead of the US incumbents in terms of VoIP *and* Video over IP deployment. The US may be ahead in the softphone market, but this is carrier-grade stuff we’re talking about.

  2. In terms of Video over IP, Canadian ILECs have been front and center. Bell Canada began technology trials Video over VDSL well over 3 years ago with a few apartment buildings in Toronto. Today, Bell is rolling video over DSL commercially using VDSL through remote DSLAM equipped right in multi-dwelling units. Bell Canada is not alone… Sasktel, Aliant and Telus have all been trials with video for sometime.

    What makes Bell Canada unique among RBOCs is that, unlike US RBOCs, Bell owns Telesat (satellite owner/operator), Bell ExpressVu (DTH provider) and Bell Globemedia (TV/print media). Therefore, Bell is better prepared to offer video over IP because Bell already owns all the ingredients to provide content. Having these elements means that Bell can compete head on with the CDN cable cos.


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